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Resources for Data Science Learning

Office with a View

Below are some links to valuable resources for building data science and machine learning skills. 

DARA Big Data Github

The Github repository contains hackathon projects and tutorials that we have used over the past few years, along with other valuable information. 

OAD Astronomy and Data Science Toolkit

Colleagues at the IAU Office of Astronomy for Development (OAD) have put together this excellent data science toolkit. The aim of it is to show commonalities between skillsets and practical applications for both astronomers and data scientists. The toolkit is available in 3 languages so far; English, French and Spanish.

OAD Organise Your Own Hackathon

Dr Nikhita Madhanpall of the OAD has put together this valuable resource for anyone who would like to to organise and host their own hackathon, including projects, advice, requirements and helpful tutorial videos.


Tens of thousands of datasets and notebooks are available here, as well as training courses, discussions and competitions. 

Google CoLab

A free online cloud-based Jupyter notebook environment, accessible to all with no configuration needed. 


Zindi is Africa's first data science competition platform, hosting an entire data science ecosystem of scientists, engineers, academics, companies and institutions focused on solving Africa’s most pressing problems.

Other learning resources;

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