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DigiSkills Africa


DARA Big Data funded the recent DigiSkills Africa course, which was organised by our partner SARAO in conjunction with Ireland-based engineering services and innovative solutions provider InnoGlobal. The course offered training that is applicable to many advanced manufacturing sectors and was the first of its kind to be offered on the African continent.

The learning content was developed by InnoGlobal through its higher education institute, InnoPharma Education, and covered the smart integration of technologies, processes and data to improve operational effectiveness and capability. Within the manufacturing sector, expertise is needed in process digitalisation, data management, data analytics and data visualisation to successfully transform to what is known as Industry 4.0. 

This course was an expansion of the skills training initiatives offered through DARA Big Data, focussing on applications of big data technologies in addition to data analytical skills, compliance and ethics. The course built on the multidisciplinary nature of the DARA Big Data project with the course content applied to advanced manufacturing sectors within the pharmaceutical, medical technology and food systems industries.






DigiSkills Africa was intensive, made up of various online courses and lectures followed by a 1 week in-person workshop, offering the participants the opportunity to learn more and network with their peers and lecturers. The workshop was attended by more than 40 participants from 8 African countries, who were exposed to Pharma product development, as well as data in Pharma product development, the role of data in the smart factory and digital technologies in Pharma, food processing and manufacturing. Participants were also exposed to concepts for Industry 4.0 and the future of high-tech manufacturing through Industry 5.0.

The course was extremely successful and more post-workshop content is planned, which will include online lectures and career mentorship. A full write-up of the event by SARAO, including quotes from key figures in attendance, can be found on the link below. 

DigiSkills Africa workshop enhances big data and techno skills of young graduates​

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