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DARA Big Data & DARA project Advanced Student Event

Goonhilly Earth Station

December 2019


DARA Big Data & DARA Project students and staff gathered at Goonhilly Earth Station, Cornwall

In December 2019 the cohorts of both DARA Big Data and the DARA project got together for an Advanced Student Event held at Goonhilly Earth Station, Cornwall. The event was held over 2 days and allowed students to give presentations on their studies and to get to know each other; this was the first time that DARA Big Data and DARA students had had the chance to directly present their research to each other. Our combined students study across 7 UK universities, meaning that it is important that they are given opportunities to get together in person and form a strong network. From a career development point of view this was also an excellent opportunity for them to put together presentations and deliver a talk in front of an audience. 

Presentations were given to the students by staff from Goonhilly, a former satellite station now converted into a base for scientific and commercial operations. The site has gone through much change over the past decade with exciting plans for the future, such as involvement in deep space communications. They toured the site extensively and even got the opportunity to go inside one of the radio telescopes. 

Students and staff stayed in nearby Falmouth and enjoyed socialising in the town in the evenings. For many of the students it was their first time in Cornwall and despite the Cornish winter weather they had a good time! A similar event is planned for Summer 2020, as the student cohort will have changed by that point. 

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