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AI4Imaging Course


11th - 14th December 2019

DARA Big Data PhD student Lameck Amugongo recently attended the Artificial Intelligence for Imaging course held in Maastricht, The Netherlands. 

Lameck is studying Medical Imaging using Data Science at Manchester and this 4-day course complemented his studies perfectly. During the course he got the chance to meet important contacts in his field and take lectures in areas such as Radiomics, Deep Learning, Synthetic Data and Distributed Learning. He says, 'I would highly recommend the AI4Imaging course and workshop. The course provides a unique opportunity to learn, share and network with leading-edge practitioners in the field of Quantitative Medical Imaging.'

Lameck wrote a blog post on describing his experiences in Maastricht and the key things he took away from this immersive workshop. You can read his post on the link below.

AI4Imaging 2019 Experience




Lameck enjoying some gluhwein in Maastricht!

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