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DARA Big Data is a Newton Fund project that provides students from the AVN countries with skills in the field of data science. Our sponsored students study at both PhD and Masters level at several Universities in the UK. We also hold events across the AVN countries for students to take part in.

Our aim is to ensure that African students can participate fully in the technological advances of what has been called the fourth industrial revolution (4IR), and benefit from all of the various opportunities arising from it on their continent.

DARA Big Data is led by Prof Anna Scaife at the University of Manchester, in conjunction with our 4 partner Universities (Leeds, Hertfordshire, Sussex, York).

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Linzi Stirrup (DARA Big Data project manager);


0161 306 6590

Partner organisations in South Africa;

SARAO (South African Radio Astronomy Observatory)

IDIA (Inter-University Institute for Data Intensive Astronomy)

Affiliated project;

DARA (Development in Africa with Radio Astronomy)

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