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Articles and Reports featuring DARA Big Data



Newton Fund/GCRF website (December 2022)

UK-South Africa Newton Fund joins SKA in celebrating the construction of the world’s largest telescopes

An overview of how DARA Big Data and the DARA Project, both funded by the Newton Fund, are linked to the SKA Telescope construction. 


Chidinma Iwu, Paste Magazine (August 2022)

Fighting The Disparity Of African Women In Technology

An article that looks at the various interventions made on the African continent to try and address the lack of female representation in data science. DARA Big Data is included along with several other organisations with similar aims. 

Dr Lameck Amugongo, Newton Fund/GCRF Data Insights blog (March 2022)

Namibia’s digital future starts with compulsory coding

DARA Big Data alumnus Lameck Amugongo wrote an insightful blog piece on the policies that his native country of Namibia could implement to equip people with the digital skills needed in the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR). He argues that learning to code should be compulsory for all school children in Namibia, allowing young generations to develop strong programming and problem-solving skills early on. 

Dr Tom Mutabazi, EduINAF magazine (March 2022)

Astronomy for Science Training and Development

Dr Tom Mutabazi, a lecturer in the Department of Physics at Uganda's Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST), talks about his work training the future generation of science teachers and the application of astronomical skills to advance development objectives across Africa. As part of this he mentions the SKA Telescope and the work of DARA Big Data/DARA Project. 

Bonface Osoro, Space in Africa (August 2021)

From Astronomy to Covid-19: Big Data Kenya 2021 Hackathon

The Big Data Kenya event was held at TU Kenya in Nairobi at the end of July 2021. The event was very successful and was co-organised with 3 local tutors. In this article Bonface, who was one of the tutors, gives an overview of the week-long event. 

Dr Nikhita Madhanpall and co-authors (May 2021)

Big Data Analytics Capacity Building with Radio Astronomy (pdf) 

Read the full paper submitted to the IST Africa conference, which looks at the DARA Big Data hackathon programme and assesses the impact of these events on Africa's development priorities. This paper was written by Dr Madhanpall with assistance from many DARA Big Data partners, collaborators and tutors. 

Dr Nikhita Madhanpall, DARA Big Data/OAD Fellow (May 2021)

Big Data Analytics Capacity Building with Radio Astronomy (Youtube video)

Dr Madhanpall gives a detailed presentation on the DARA Big Data project at the prestigious IST-Africa conference in May 2021. She discusses why the project is needed, its objectives and aims, the work so far and plans for the future. 

University of Manchester, Delivering the UN Sustainable Development Goals (May 2021)

Manchester Astronomers Help Deliver Advanced STEM Skills Training in Africa

Case studies to demonstrate the impact of University of Manchester research towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). DARA Big Data and the DARA Project are profiled in relation to SDG 9 (build resilient infrastructure, promote sustainable industrialisation and foster innovation).

Dr Hannah Dalgliesh, British Council, Cultural Relations Essay Collection (May 2021)

Astronomy as a catalyst for cultural relations

Dr Hannah Dalgliesh looks at astronomy as a global scientific and intercultural endeavour. This essay explores how the discipline has emerged today as a site for international development co-operation and what this tells us about cultural relations, with a particular focus on South Africa, DARA Big Data and the DARA Project.


Toni Feder, Physics Today, Volume 75 Issue 5 (May 2021)

Hackathons catch on for creativity, education, and networking

A informative article looking at the impact of hackathons internationally, featuring DARA Big Data and many well-known institutions.

Department of Physics & Astronomy blog, University of Manchester (May 2021)

DARA Big Data; Supporting a new generation of African data scientists

A blog post covering the inception and continued development of the DARA Big Data project.

Daniel Iyanda, Space in Africa (March 2021)

How to increase women’s participation in data science and STEM fields

An in-depth article on the SARAO Women in Data Science report.

SARAO (South African Radio Astronomy Observatory) (March 2021)

Women in Data Science (pdf)

A detailed report using DARA Big Data as a case study to analyse the lack of female involvement in data science and how this can be improved.

ESTRO Physics Corner Newsletter (Feb 2021)

DARA Big Data Enables African Students to Participate in Big Data Research 

PhD student Lameck Amugongo talks to ESTRO (the European SocieTy for Radiotherapy and Oncology) about his studies, the DARA Big Data programme and working with academics in radiotherapy physics. 

Astronomy & Geophysics, Volume 61, Issue 6 (Dec 2020)

Astronomy for Development

Dr Hannah Dalgliesh of the University of Oxford looks at the human capacity development programme of the DARA projects.

Dr Nikhita Madhanpall, DARA Big Data/OAD Fellow (Nov 2020)

Data Science Skills Development with Big Data Hackathons (Youtube video)

Dr Madhanpall discusses the organisation and implementation of hackathons across Africa.

75th United Nations General Assembly (Sept 2020)

The DARA Project (Youtube video)

Prof Anna Scaife discusses the DARA human capital development projects.

SKA (Square Kilometre Array) Magazine, Issue 4 (June 2020)

The DARA Projects; Training a New Generation of African Scientists (pg 11)

An extensive article looking at both DARA projects, with student interviews.

Newton Fund UK-South Africa 6th Newsletter Edition (June 2020)

Big Science Big Data (pg 13)

An overview of the 3rd Big Data Africa School, held in Cape Town in October 2019.

The Root of the Science Podcast (May 2020)

Applying data science techniques to cancer research

Podcast episode interviewing PhD student Lameck Amugongo about his research and the DARA Big Data project.

IDIA (Inter-University Institute for Data Intensive Astronomy) (Feb 2020)

IDIA Big Data & Industry Skills Report

A report from partner institution IDIA, looking at hackathon organisation, support and outcomes.

SARAO (South African Radio Astronomy Observatory) Media Release (Oct 2019)

SARAO Upskilling Africa's Bright Young Minds in Big Data

A review of the 3rd Big Data Africa School, held in Cape Town, featuring quotes and photos. 

Newton Fund UK-South Africa Newsletter (March 2019)

The DARA edition (pdf) 

In-depth looks at both DARA Big Data and the DARA Project, featuring student and academic interviews.

SARAO (South African Radio Astronomy Observatory) News (Oct 2018)

Joint media statement on the outcomes of the 5th Ministerial Meeting of the Square Kilometre Array African Partner Countries

The official statement resulting from the 2019 meeting of the SKA Partner Countries, attended by science and technology ministers and senior officials from all 9 countries. The achievements and future plans of both DARA Big Data and the DARA Project were recognised in this statement. 

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