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Student Profiles

DARA Big Data postgraduate students study the application of data science in various areas at several UK universities (Manchester, Leeds, York, Herts and Sussex).


They come from the 8 countries across the African VLBI network (AVN) and each one of them has a different story to tell. They have all worked exceptionally hard to get to where they are today and have big plans for their futures.



DARA Big Data student cohort as of December 2019


Many of our students have now graduated and have moved on to either study elsewhere or to start their careers. You can read about our students' studies, experiences and aims for the future in their own words below.


Emmanuel Ngonga (Zambia)

Simon Ndiritu (Kenya)

Lameck Amugongo (Namibia)

Edward Salakpi (Ghana)

Carringtone Kinyanjui (Kenya)

Joyce Koranteng-Acquah (Ghana)

Vivian Otieno (Kenya)

Justa Muriuki (Kenya)

Zafiirah Hosenie (Mauritius)

Kushatha Ntwaetsile (Botswana)

David Bastien (Mauritius)

Chelmis Thiong'o (Kenya)

Princy Ranaivomanana (Madagascar)

Hajanirina Randriamanantena (Madagascar)


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